Congratulations! You finished writing, editing, rewriting, editing some more, and now it's DONE. Your manuscript is as shiny as a silver dollar and you are ready to take the plunge into publishing it... 

...But, if you have chosen to take the Independent Author and publishing route, then you may not have finished- you may only just be getting started.

For your novel to sell, it needs to look its best- both inside and out. And this can be where Indie Authors fall down. Finding a great looking cover can be expensive. Here at Cat's Pyjamas we can make you a professional looking cover for a lot less than you think!

How can I help you with your covers?

Here at Cat's Pyjama's we can create...

  • ebooks

  • paperbacks

  • coordinated trilogy or series designs

  • design for any genre that reflect the market trend so your book is instantly appealing to your potential readers

  • Use your image and design idea and 'finish' your cover professionally

  • redesigns for new launches or to revitalize your older books


Other Services offered by the Cat's Pyjamas Team

  • Ebook formatting (mobi and epub)

  • Paperback ready PDF

  • Social Media Banners

  • Then please contact me at, and I will send you details about pricing and the process

What Clients have to say:

I have been an Indie author for many years. I tried everything to do it myself to save money and have control over my books. I have a file on my hard drive of all the covers––a collection of a waste of my time. All the while, I could not understand why the books weren’t selling. I finally surrendered. I asked a professional to create covers for my entire Jake Roberts Novels.

It was the most amazing transition from obscure Indie author to Amazon #1 Best Seller. Angela Stevens was the professional who changed the direction of my career as an author. I simply explained what I was looking for and let her go to work. What I received back knocked me out of my shoes. All of the covers maintained the same theme, had high-contrast colors, and a whole lot of awesome. The book I have coming out later this year already has a killer cover by Angela. I’m in debt to her and will have her do all of my covers from now on.

All I can recommend is this, let go. Trust her. Believe in her. She will make your covers #1 best sellers, or do them yourself and struggle to sell any books like I used to. Do yourself a big favor––Angela Stevens!
— Cary Allen Stone - author of the Jake Roberts Novels
People say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we all do. The Cat’s Pyjamas is easily the best cover designers that I have worked with. I changed my 1st cover because it wasn’t getting any hits but after Angela Stevens designed my new cover my book started to sell. She has a great eye for what works … both my covers are amazing and get a lot of recognition. I highly recommend The Cat’s Pyjamas for all your cover needs.
— Michele Morrell-Author of The Dandelions and Only In Our Hearts.
Angela stepped in at short notice to provide a cover for my next novel, and dealt effortlessly with my changes of mind, demands for just the *right* sort of composition, and even a last-minute realisation that I’d supplied the wrong title! She was always prompt, helpful and supportive - qualities that are beyond price, especially when deadlines loom!
— Roz White author of The Sisterhood series
Angela Stevens is by far the best cover designer I’ve ever worked with. She knows how to take picture and create an amazing cover that will draw readers attention. She was a pleasure to work with and I will without a doubt have her create all my future book covers.
— Pamela Daniell- author of the Revelations Series
My cover for Moments of Love was designed by Angela Stevens. After explaining what I would like and the theme of my Poetry book she came up with a book cover that matched my ideas, including the fonts. The cover was everything I hoped it would be, romantic and eye catching. Angela was patient and very easy to work with. I highly recommend her ability to create any cover for any book.
— Phoenix Rainez- author of Moments Of Love