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Black Walker Warrior Novels

Blood Or Destiny

Blood Brothers

Ambushed, Creation, Resurection: A short Story Collection

Available 2018


Blood and Family ties run deep but when Destiny comes calling, which do you choose?

Becoming an adult is never easy, but Eva Vargr faces a unique challenge. Caught between two cultures that historically despise each other, Eva struggles to please the two most important men in her life.

For her brother, Rune Vargr, the answer is simple. Eva must embrace her Lycan side, keep to her own kind, and stay safe under his protection.

But Eva has different plans. Her grandfather’s band of vigilante Skin Walkers have fascinated her since childhood. As Eva turns twenty-one, she falls in love with a young warrior, Pilan. When Eva’s powers blossom, he encourages her to join the Black Walkers and fight by his side.

Blood Or Destiny is the first book in a new action-packed fantasy-paranormal series and is a spin off from the emotionally charged Vargr Clan Trilogy. Follow Eva Vargr, her Lycan family, and the handsome band of Native American Skin Walkers as they battle against the evil, power-crazed Clizyati that threaten the shifter and human worlds. 

Please note: this series comes after the Vargr Clan Trilogy and contains spoilers.

Blood Brothers

“The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.”
—Victor Hugo

With the Vargr Clan community in turmoil over the death of one of their own, the Lycans are in shock. The demonic Clizyati are gaining momentum and their Black Walker Warrior allies are no closer to finding these deadly killers. But one thing they know for sure, the Clizyati are back and a war everyone thought ended a century ago has been resurrected.

When unexpected visitors arrive at the Lycan commune, Rune and his siblings scramble to protect the clan. Determined to defend the lives of those that raised him, Rune puts his differences aside and joins forces with the Black Walker Warriors to rid the world of the Clizyati and avenge his brother’s death.