Pre-Made Covers

All pre-mades come with the addition of your Author Name and book title, choice of by-lines, accolades, and/ or series title as depicted. Note, these are interchangeable. What they do not include is any further photo manipulation, change of font color, font style, etc. However, this may be possible for an additional  fee.

All pre-mades are ebook only but for an added fee a paperback can be made for most. All pre-mades are withdrawn after purchase and come with licensed pictures included in the price and purchaser will receive those images.

In some instances pre-mades may be used as a starter for a series and a series built around them (additional fees will apply for further series development.) Pre-mades shown that are linked in a series may be sold separately or as a group- if further books in a series are needed this may be possible for an additional fee.

All pre-mades remain the property of Angela Stevens until purchased.

For all enquiries please email and state the title of the cover you are interested in along with any other enquiries. Angela will reply to you with a form to fill in to collect details of your book(s)

Payment is made via Paypal, all ebook files are JPEGs but additional file types can be provided. All purchases are final.

Check back regularly for new pre-mades in a variety of genres.

Fantasy: Vampire, Dragons, Werewolves, Mermaids



Thriller, Crime