Coming Soon!

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It's been an exciting week.

After launching Lemon Drops and Love, the e-book edition, I am now furiously proofing the hard copy and hope to have the paperback available for you before the end of June.

Despite having edited this book to death, read and re-read from start to finish at least a dozen times, I am still astounded that I can come across a typo or an error. Will it ever end! I am sitting here as we speak, orange Post-It notes in hand scrutinizing every dot on the 'i' and checking every cross on the 't'. More importantly, I am hunting out any of those missed (how can they still be missing?) comma's and making sure everything is flowing just right.

Despite it being a laborious job, I have to say, holding Lemon Drops in my hand is the biggest thrill ever! Eighteen months ago when I started with this spark of an idea I never dreamed it would ever get finished let alone to the point were I would publish it.

The last Year and a half has been a whirl wind. I can truly say I have had a huge learning curve to climb. Although I am by no means any where near the top of it, I have over 550K words under my belt (conservative estimate) and inching ever closer to that One Million mark. When I reach it, we will see if it's true, maybe I will have developed my style and learned to write well enough so that what is spewing out of my head fits together and shines.