Lemon Drops And Love

Lemon Drops And Love will be my debut novel and is just finishing its last round of edits. The story has had some amazing feed back so far. An early version I published for free has had over 100,000 reads and is proving popular with both my female  and male readers alike. Surprising for the genre, but I have had quite a large number of men sending me some great feedback about the book. Those that have read it adore the love story between Maya and Jude, and they love to hate Carl. Many have been very vocal about what they would like to do to my despicable character, so much so I think he has a chance of becoming the most hated man in the world!

In celebration of recieving so many reads, a friend was sweet enough to make this awesome recording of chapter 1 The Perfect day. Thanks Douglas Steel for being such a good sport. Now he is not a professional voice over actor but he sure does a pretty damn good job of this. Hope you enjoy this little preview.

Okay I think I am officially far enough in to say this book is highly addictive. I just keep saying to myself okay just one more chapter...just one more...just one more...just one more...dahhh!! I can’t stop!!
— Wattpad reader, Unbrokenworld
Ok, I loved this story!! I hated Carl and it took me a few walk aways to get through the beginning since I was so angry with him! After Jude, Johnny, and Rick took her away, it was all I could do to put it down.
— Lisa Survillas
A complex and twisting story of love, sex, lust and loss.
— Matt Stuart, author of 'Hunters'