Secret Chapter

In chapter ten of Blood Or Destiny, Eva discusses with her Grandfather, Hania, an origin story of her species. I originally created the whole story and was using it as the prologue to the book. By the time the final edits had taken their toll, this chapter had been lost and chapter ten took its place.

Below is the entire creation story that Eva refers to...


In the World before the World, things were simple. The earth was warm, the sky blue, the moon big and round, and everywhere there was peace and tranquility. From out of the cloudless sky a small orb, translucent and pulsing, hovered above the bare ground. Within the undulating sphere sat a man with long white braids. He was Changer, the One Who Gives Life.

When he looked into the endless beauty, he was proud of what he created. He raised his hands and from the sky, three more orbs appeared and drifted to the ground. Changer beckoned his children to him.

“Come, see what I give unto you.”

The glistening bubbles of light popped and from each appeared a grown child. Eldest was tall and wise with his hair swept into a long braid. Daughter was as fair as the world Changer created, her soul full of love and harmony. Youngest stepped into the mud, his hair billowing around him—he was handsome, strong, and impetuous.

Changer spread out his arms, “Look what I have created for you.”

They gasped and admired the landscape, they marveled at the vast flowing rivers and craned their necks to see the tall mountains.

“This is magnificent, so glorious in its design,” Eldest praised his father.

“It has such beauty, balance, and harmony,” Daughter added.

Changer looked to Youngest. “And what say you, my son?”

Youngest shrugged his shoulders. “It is nice.”

“Nice?” Changer frowned.

Youngest poked at the brown soil. “It is just a bauble, what purpose will it serve?”

Changer contemplated his son’s words. “You are right, it needs Life.”

The children agreed and praised their father for his wisdom.

“What Life will you create?” asked Eldest.

But Changer had already thought of that. “For you Daughter, I create Nature, and you shall become her Mother.”

Changer lifted his hand and all across the world, flowers of every color and lush green vegetation erupted from the fertile soil. From out of the newly formed trees, flew birds and in the rivers, fish now swam. Across the land, animals of every shape and size ran, jumped, hopped, and slithered.

“Use your wisdom to keep Life in balance.”

Pleased with her gift, Daughter took Changer’s hand. “Thank you, Father.”

“Now Eldest. I give you Man.” Changer swept his hand before him and from the shadows, men and women walked upright on two legs. They appeared in the image of the Creator and his children—they stood tall, strong, and intelligent.

“And for Youngest.”

Before Changer could give his gift, Youngest grew jealous at what Daughter and Eldest received. “Why am I last to receive your gifts? This is unfair, I want Man.”

Eldest, being the more diplomatic of Changer’s sons, offered a solution. “Let Youngest have them, Father. Whatever Life you have left, I’m honored to care for.”

Changer pondered Eldest’s words. “I fear Man will be too much for you to handle, Youngest.”

Youngest grew angrier and stamped on the ground, sending an earthquake through the world that shook the mountains. He threw up his arms and created a tornado which he sent spinning across the earth, ripping out the beautiful trees in its path.

“Enough.” Changer raised his hand. “I bequeath Man to you, but you must take great care to guide this Life. If you behave with anger and malice, so will Man; if you deceive and trick, so will your charge; if you are selfish, wasteful, or careless, then so shall Man be. Take care my son, you will need to change your ways.”

Delighted, Youngest rushed off to explore his new charges, not even waiting to see what Life Eldest received.

Changer put his hand on his oldest son’s shoulder. “For you, I give something that will help temper Youngest’s responsibility, a Life that can bridge Man and Nature. I gift you Supernaturals.”

The Supernaturals were endearing creatures that took on many forms. Some were shifters that could move between Man and beast. Others possessed magic and talents that allowed them to manipulate the world. They had many names—Witches, Lycans, Vampires, Faeries, to name but a few.

With his gifts in place, Changer stepped back into his glistening orb. “Take care of what I created, nurture it, and make this World harmonious and good.”

It wasn’t long before Youngest grew restless with his charges. Man was difficult to curtail—forever fighting, pillaging the land, ransacking the world. As species’ numbers dwindled and great scars appeared in the landscape, Youngest and Daughter argued.

“Be not so wasteful, discipline your charge or soon Nature will be replete,” she said.

Youngest, who’d grown tired of Man, shrugged his shoulders. “There is plenty to go around. You have millions of species, billions of plants. It makes no difference if Man takes more than he needs.”

But Daughter feared Man’s wastefulness made Nature imbalanced. The plants grew too slow to replenish, and some of the animal’s numbers dwindled so low, she feared there would be none left to procreate.

Unable to make Youngest see sense, Daughter sent forest fires to destroy what Man made, floods to wash away what they gathered, and great storms to destroy their dwellings.

Man’s numbers dwindled, and they became fearful. Youngest, angered at his sister’s actions, instructed Man to cut great swathes of forest and plant vast fields. He decreed that certain animals should be favored for their meat and that more fields should be created to feed them. Then he encouraged Man to slaughter the animals whose meat he said was bad to eat. And Man obeyed, leaving their carcasses to rot in the sun.

Eldest grew weary with his siblings’ bickering, and he encouraged the Supernaturals to use their magic to keep Man in check and calm Nature.

When Youngest saw the powers and sorcery of the Supernaturals, he grew jealous and discontent. He complained, “The Supernaturals were meant for me. Changer meant to give Man to you, Eldest.”

Tired of his brother’s jealousy, Eldest agreed to grant four of the wisest Men special powers if they proved themselves worthy. “These four must educate their fellow Man in harmonious living. They will teach frugalness and show Man how to protect the land and animals so there will always be plenty.”

Youngest searched day and night until he found four worthies. They were Shamans who’d dedicated their lives to studying Nature. They understood how to take what they needed from their environment without plunder or waste, ensuring a continued supply year after year.

Eldest asked each Shaman if they would act as guardians of Man and protect the world from careless use. When each agreed, he sent them into the Hogan to be cleansed.

Four ordinary Men went in, and four Skin Walkers emerged.

For a while, Youngest was content. He liked his new Skin Walkers. Each bore their own unique Anima—a feminine psyche, which manifested as an animal and could exist as one, or separate from, their host. The anima allowed the Skin Walkers to change at will, to experience the qualities and intelligence of each animal.

But soon, Youngest grew restless again. “I have but four Skin Walkers and you have a whole race of Supernaturals.”

This time, Eldest grew angry “I shall make no more Skin Walkers for you, and because of your greed, I confiscate and take them back into my fold.”

Now Youngest was back to square one, and his desire for Skin Walkers grew.

Not a day passed by when he didn’t plot to trick his brother into giving him more. One day, a dark apparition appeared. The strange figure listened to Youngest’s grievances.

“That seems unfair, and your brother is a tyrant,” the figure said. “You should create your own Skin Walkers.”

Youngest shook his head. “Alas, I do not know how.”

The figure rose and slipped its pulsating blackness around Youngest like a cloak. “This is something I can do, and I will create them for you for a small payment.”

“I shall pay any price,” Youngest replied.

“For each Man I convert, I require his soul.”

And with that, the deal was forged.

“Please, before we part, what is your name?” Youngest asked.

“I am called Clizyati.”

“Pure Evil?” Youngest mulled over the strange word. Knowing only goodness, the concept was lost on him. “Klizzz Yatty—I like that. From this day on, the new Life you create shall bear your name, and I pray that they will grow strong in this world.”

And so the Clizyati became. In return for magic and immortality, those recruited willingly released their souls to Pure Evil by carrying out the most heinous of crimes—murder, rape, or incest. With their precious new powers delivered, they roamed the Earth with the sole intent of spreading their wicked ways.

When Eldest found out, he flew into a rage. He bound Pure Evil and Youngest in a spell and cast them as one into the underworld. But before Eldest could destroy the Clizyati, they fled and hid in the shadows where they masqueraded as Men and continued to practice their evil in secret, recruiting more to their terrible ways.

Defeated, Eldest called for Changer and told his father what happened.

Changer summoned the four Skin Walkers Eldest had fashioned, and he asked each to take an oath unto him. He empowered them with more magic, giving each one a unique elemental power. After granting them immortality, Changer sent them to rid the world of the growing Soulless.

“And now we wait for balance to be restored. These four will procreate, their numbers rising and falling as those of the Clizyati rise and fall. Through their goodness, loyalty, and self-sacrifice, one day I hope they will eradicate the Clizyati forever. From this day forward, they shall be known as the Black Walker Warriors, and they will walk amongst Men to protect the World I fashioned.”


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